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Free eBooks to Alleviate boredom!

It’s an odd time right now. We are all socially isolated in our homes and boredom is already setting in after a weeks time. To counteract the boredom, I’m offering a large selection of my ebooks for free. These books will be free for… Continue Reading “Free eBooks to Alleviate boredom!”

Ghost Walk – A Short Story

His first thought was: He smells burnt. His second was: I wonder if I smell like that? * The day had started out like any other. He woke, showered, dressed and had something quick to eat for breakfast. Then he went out into the… Continue Reading “Ghost Walk – A Short Story”

Free E Books!

My Birthday is in August, less then two weeks away. Therefore, August is my Birthday Month! I figured that I am probably not the only person who is celebrating their birthday in August, so why not give away some free ebooks? Good things come… Continue Reading “Free E Books!”

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