Singing the Spirit Song – A Poem

When I look inside myself,small

I see many things:

There is a pathway that runs

through a terrain

that twists and turns

over mountain dessert,

through meadows and glades,

and traces a finger over water

in the shape of a bridge.

It is never ending

and as I walk forwards along it,

sometimes I take a moment

to look behind me.

I see the mountains

that I have already climbed,

the cliffs that I have already scaled,

and the depths from which

I have climbed out of.

As I take in the steps

that I have already walked

and look onward to the ones

that I have yet to take,

I can hear a song that

rides upon the wind.

It sings to me,

to my Spirit.

There is something so pure

about the notes gracing my ears.

I begin walking onward,

moving forward towards

my future and the wonders

that it will hold.

The notes grow louder still.

They are the wind,

the sunshine on my face,

the sound of a cloud

as its shadow passes

over my face.

I stop walking,

only for a moment,

so that I can listen,

let the tune pull me along

so that I can walk farther.

I look down at the ground

as I’m walking.

I can feel the notes

through the soles of my feet.

They are the wind and the sun,

but they are also a beat

that moves me and makes me

want to keep walking.

I look back from where I’ve come

and I see that each step I’ve taken,

every single step,

if lit up like firefly,

glowing with its own light.

The beat is still going strong

and I can feel it in my feet,

in my lungs, in the tips of my fingers.

I can feel it in my chest,

and I realise that each note,

soft and lilting and so full of promise,

is my music.

It is the music of my journey.

I take a moment to listen

and I realise that the music

is coming from within me.

It is the music of my soul,

but more than that,

it is the song of my Spirit,

that bright force which guides me,

child and ancient all in one.

I stand there listening,

so many steps yet to come,

and I know that

I am home.

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