The Bright Star of Change – A Poem

With great changeLady on the Clif

comes uncertainty, that

moment where we

feel as if

we are balancing

on the edge

of a precipice.

We have but

two choices: to

stay where we

are or to

move forward, to

leap off of

that edge and

let the wind

take us where

it will. There

will come a

moment of clarity,

a bright shining

star in the

distance, held in

a tender, soft

embrace, the sky

cradling that star

like a child.

As you fall,

you also rise

up, high enough

to grab that

star, to take

hold of the

brightness that it

emanates. As you

hold the star

within your hand,

it brightens even

the darkest shadows

so that you

can see forever,

beyond and within.

The star beings

to fade, but

fear not for

it sinks into

your skin, to

brighten the light

that already shines

from within you.

You stepped off

of the edge,

uncertain and unsure

of what the

future would bring.

As you gently

alight upon the

ground, you are

changed, you are

whole. You are

a bright Warrior,

shining like the


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