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The Element of You – A Poem

You are like the air, carrying with it the scent of star anise, always raising me up so that I can learn to fly. You are like the earth, revealing a path forward when I lose my way, helping me to find a different… Continue Reading “The Element of You – A Poem”

Singing the Spirit Song – A Poem

When I look inside myself, I see many things: There is a pathway that runs through a terrain that twists and turns over mountain dessert, through meadows and glades, and traces a finger over water in the shape of a bridge. It is never… Continue Reading “Singing the Spirit Song – A Poem”

Elemental Man – A Poem

You are the sun to me, bright like Fire. Every time I look into your eyes, my world is brighter and filled with light. You are the wind to me Every time you speak my name, it’s like a soft breeze caressing my face.… Continue Reading “Elemental Man – A Poem”

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