A Pathway of Stars – A Poem


* This poem is for Christine, the brightest Star I know. 🙂


There is a glow within you

and it emanates from you

in subtle waves that flow

like the ocean.

You don’t merely walk

upon the ground,

for you know that every step

is a part of your journey.

Each step you take

leaves a bit of magic

in your wake;

it floats like stardust in the air.

In your dreams,

you are looking down

from high up in the clouds.

When the sky is dark,

the magic that you’ve left

upon this Earth

shines the brightest.

When you look down,

you can see every step

that you’ve taken.

You can trace them

from the beginning,

but you can’t see its end.

You follow your pathway of stars

as far as you can

until they disappear into forever.

Your journey is only beginning,

and you carry within you

the infinite cosmos and galaxies untold.

For you are a Star

that walks upon this Earth.

and our world is brighter

because of you.

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