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The Galaxy Within – A Poem

I wish that I had the power to control time, however I don’t think I could handle the responsibility. Waiting is difficult, every day feeling incredibly long and impossibly short. Time has lost all meaning, it is no longer relative especially during these times.… Continue Reading “The Galaxy Within – A Poem”

The Galaxies Within – A Poem

When I look into your eyes, I see galaxies contained within. The stars move and flow within layers of hazel, blue and green. They entrance me and when I stand still and gaze into their depths, They fill me with hope because you see… Continue Reading “The Galaxies Within – A Poem”

A Pathway of Stars – A Poem

* This poem is for Christine, the brightest Star I know. 🙂   There is a glow within you and it emanates from you in subtle waves that flow like the ocean. You don’t merely walk upon the ground, for you know that every… Continue Reading “A Pathway of Stars – A Poem”

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