The Wish by Alex Brown – A Book Review

35085817Sam Morgan is trying to hold his life together.

He knows that he has driven a wedge between him and his wife, Chrissie. Sam knows that he’s missed too many birthdays and anniversaries. There has been too much distance, and too much time, between Chrissie and himself; but he knows that he still loves her and that he would do anything to bring their family together again. He has come back to Tindledale in hopes of salvaging what is left of his marriage, before it’s too late.

Jude Darling has returned to Tindledale to start over. Tired of travelling and giving in to her wanderlust and dating men that weren’t right for her and relationships that didn’t go anywhere, she has come back from Los Angeles and home to her father, Tony. She has also come home to her best friend Chrissie and Chrissie’s thirteen-year-old daughter, Holly. Jude has her hands full trying to run her antiques store and dealing with a washed-up rock star that has moved to the village, Myles King. He hires her to redo his estate, but is really just a clueless, infuriating man. She often feels as if her life is getting away from her.

Holly is a thirteen-year-old girl who desperately wants her parents back together. That is all she wants, more than anything. She lives with diabetes and has to deal with a lot. Holly puts up with her parents and their constant bickering or the long, icy silences. She often feels like her life is falling apart and if her parents would just work on staying together, then all would be well. She is still young enough to believe in the power of wishes, so Holly makes a Wish and hopes that it will be enough…

It’s so lovely to be back in Tindledale! I love this town. Everyone has become someone that I feel I honestly know as Alex brings you right into their lives. What I love about the Tindledale books is that someone who is a protagonist in one novel will show up as a secondary character in another, so you always feel as if you are seeing your friends. It shows the quality of Alex’s writing that the characters feel so real.

More than that, it’s the emotion that Alex is able to evoke. The Wish goes beyond everyday chick lit. You have a couple that are desperate to save their marriage, but unsure of how to do it. The relationship between Sam and Chrissie is so real and so true to life. This isn’t a simple plot where the man tells her he loves her and she comes back to him. Instead, we are shown the plight of Sam and Chrissie as they try to rebuild their lives as a family. I’m pretty sure that that kind of subject has never been tackled in chic lit before. It left be breathless and I ached for them.

Then there is the storyline of Holly having diabetes. I have also never read this kind of a storyline in a chic lit novel It’s told so truthfully and so honestly that my heart also ached for Holly and being such a young age and having to deal with this kind of a disease. I know many people with this disease and Alex has told it so true to form. She doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff and that gives this book more heart and substance.

Of course, there is Jude and her dealings with Myles King. This relationship brought a smile to my face. Never have I met a man who is so clueless yet somehow so very endearing. I thoroughly enjoyed their storyline and how Jude frequently stepped in to save the day, in more ways than one.

I love that Alex brown goes beyond the boundaries of chick lit and gives us something more. She gives us a novel with characters we grow to love and storylines that whisk us away, as is typical in summer reads. However, Alex Brown has gone beyond that. She has given us real life written upon the page.

By the last page, I was so emotionally invested in all of these characters. I can’t wait until I see them again in a future Tindledale book. It will like seeing a ray of sunshine. I can’t wait to read The Wish all over again.

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