The Galaxies Within – A Poem

When I look into your eyes,fc4bc4ec9ff53d9a176470e6dfe53b4d

I see galaxies contained within.

The stars move and flow

within layers of hazel, blue and green.

They entrance me and when I stand still

and gaze into their depths,

They fill me with hope

because you see me, al of me,

and love me still.

When I touch your lips with mine,

I see memories contained within.

Each kiss holds a memory

that we have created together,

of heat and fire on cold days,

warmth and flame to that are a constant.

Each kiss reminds me why

I fell in love with you.

You’ve given me a world of hope,

one of magic made real,

of dreams come true.

When I hold your hand,

I see the journeys contained within.

Each time I take your hand,

I am given a vision of the places we have been,

the terrain that we have ventured across,

oceans, mountains, great expanses of sand.

You have taken me further than

I ever thought possible.

Though we travelled to unknown lands,

I never experienced a moment of fear,

as long as I had hold of your hand.

You bring me balance, support, stability,

though sometimes the ground I walk upon

can be shaky and tumultuous.

Though all of this, there is a shining beacon

of the love that we share

and the life that we

have grown.

Together, we contain multitudes.

I can’t wait to see where we

go from here.


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