Dear 2018


You have been an absolute blessing.

Every year, I wonder how the new year will make me better, how I will learn and grow and prosper. I promised myself, way back in 2014, that I would live more and I continue to stay true to that promise.

This year saw quite a few milestones, a lot of different things published and a lot of new memories made. I am constantly looking at my life, wondering what I did to be lucky enough to be living it.

I learned a lot about myself this year. I learned what I was capable of and how to relax and let joy find me. I’m still trying to learn how to take it easy and not do quite so much, but I’m a fabulous work in progress.

January and February were spent just trying to find our footing after the busy holiday season.


Cover mock up spirit

In March, I released my fifth volume of poetry, Singing to the Sky. It is the fifth in my Elemental Poetry series and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I set down to write poems only when Spirit moved me to do so.

You can find it here:




April was full of so many wonderful and fabulous things! Michael and I celebrated out first Wedding Anniversary! I can’t believe it’s already been a year and that we’ve been together for four years. It feels like I only met him a month ago! He fills me with so much joy. He has taught me what true love is and every day is a joy and a blessing because I get to wake up beside him and fall asleep beside him. He has shown me that magic really does exist.


My new novel from Renaissance Press was released. Life and Lemonade is the second book in the Lemonade series and I love this book so much. Blaine and friends have filled up my life and it’s a joy to let the books pages fill up with their lives. You can get your copy here:


I also did the MS Walk at the end of April. This year, I raised well over $1,000 for research that will lead to the end of Multiple Sclerosis. I am so grateful to everyone who walked with me and everyone who donated. We all walked 5KM in an hour and ten minutes. That’s awesome and a great improvement on last years time! Woohoo for us!



May started with the book launch for Life and Lemonade! It launched along with a few other titles and I got to wear a costume! I was dressed as Duke William Tremontaine from the Tremontaine novels. SO MUCH FUN! And, bonus, I had hair! LOL


My first erotica novel in quite a few years was released. The Color of Love: Starboy book one. It was published by Cobblestone Press and I’m so happy with it. It’s a novelette and, while it’s a quick read, it’s a wonderful story. You can get your copy here:

lion tattoo

I also got a new tattoo! The Wild Unknown is my favourite Tarot deck of all that I have. There’s just something in it that sings to my soul. I decided to treat myself for m 40th Birthday and get a new tattoo. I picked my favourite card from the deck, the Strength card. It was done by Pat at Living Colour Tattoo.


I had new author photos taken with Susie Shapiro. I am so thrilled with her work. She was able to find the true me and help that to shine through. She captured my spirit with the photos that she took and I’m just forever thankful for them. You can find out more about Susie and her work here:



This novel saw the release of my next erotic romance novel, Hallowed: The Elementals Book One. I am so thrilled with this book and have been busy planning the plot for the next four books. You can get your copy here:



This month brought quiet a few milestones!

It was my 40th Birthday! With that came a party! I had such an awesome time celebrating with friends and family. It was a Harry Potter theme party, so I of course dressed appropriately.


Michael took me on my first cruise all the way to Alaska! First though, I got to experience the gorgeous splendour of Vancouver British Columbia. It really was spectacular


When we were in Alaska, we did so much! One memory is zip lining off of a mountain that was higher than the Empire State Building. I can’t believe everything I experienced on this trip and know that I will remember my 40th Birthday for the rest of my life.

1 - Icy Strait Point - 01a

The cruise was a dream. Seeing Alaska was incredible and they are memories I will carry with me for a long time to come.


As fall took hold, I wanted to add to my tattoo. It didn’t feel quite done with just the Strength card, so I wanted to add my two other favourite cards to the Strength card: The Ace of Swords and The Ace of Wands. Pat from Living Colour did these ones, too and they look like a three card reading on my arm.


We were also fortunate enough to see Elton John perform for the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Tour. He played for three hours and it was the best concert I’ve ever experienced. Such an amazing singer, writer and performer.



October brought a lot of joy too! My new novel, Witchcraft and Anchovies, was released! It’s a favourite of mine and I’m so happy it’s out there in the world. You can buy your copy here:


I also took part in Can-Con again! I was on a romantic panel and what creates romantic relationships. I was honoured to be on a panel with so many other talented authors and to meet readers of my books.



In November, Michael and I went to Cuba! This time, we sent to Santiago de Cuba. It was breathtaking and gorgeous. It was fascinating to learn so much about its history. It felt like we were in another world.


I was also fortunate enough to have both Lust and Lemonade and Life and Lemonade entered into the Ottawa Public Library! How wonderful is that? I’m ecstatic that people can check my books out from the library.


Life and Lemonade

And how cool is this? Life and Lemonade made it on a Best Books of 2018 list! This novel was really personal to me and so very special. I’m so glad that the response for it has been so good! You can check out the best books list here:

Mistletoe and Lemonade

I released my annual holiday story earlier this month. I wanted to write a story about a chosen family. So I figured why not write about Blaine and friends from the Lemonade Novels? I figured I’d go back to the beginning and write a prequel. Thus, Mistletoe and Lemonade was born! You can read it for free and can download your copy here:


And that’s a wrap on 2018! I am so thankful to everyone that has made this year so wonderful and filled it with so much joy. I am so grateful for the life I have. I am also thankful for all of you who are with me on this journey.

I wish for all of your lives to be filled with joy this holiday season. Until next year! See you in 2019!

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