Islands Among the Clouds – A Poem

cloudsI am not afraid.

That is the first thing I say to myself

I have been on an internal journey;

I’ve had to scale the flat terrain of my body,

every peak and valley and crevice,

the rivers of my skin

and the gardens of my mind.

I went to see a mystic who was able

to look within me and make sense

of the riddles contained within.

Though I had been on an internal journey,

there were still areas

that were unknown to me.

She was able to delve within my mind

and show me what

I could not see.

Inside, there were clouds that

were the grey of a spring sky

that was ready to shower water

upon the land underneath it,

wanting to help the flowers and ideas grow.

She turned her mirror toward me,

her scrying glass able

to see without and within.

I looked the grey clouds,

that looked full of the promise

of water that would bring life

and looked further still.

I noticed three small islands,

small pieces of land that shone

bright white like the very sun itself.

I pointed at them,

the touch of my finger

sending ripples across the glass.

“What are those?” I asked her,

my voice full of wonder.

“What is that place?”

She smiled at me.

“Those are sky islands.” She said.

I looked at them again,

pressing a finger upon the glass

to send the clouds rippling once more,

as if they were full of songs yet sung.

“They are made of stardust and hold wishes yet fulfilled.”

I looked at the islands among the clouds

and wondered what I would wish for

if I were ever able to reach the islands.

She took my hand and held it palm up,

running her fingers along the lines.

“The wishes are already within you.” She said.

“You don’t have to travel to distant lands. You carry them inside of you.”

I reached out for the scrying glass

and she gently held my hand again.

Just fly towards them and whisper your wishes.” She said,

her voice soft and melodious.

The possibilities are endless.” She said.

I nodded and closed my eyes.

I could see the pulsing lights within

and I could almost touch them.

Holding out a hand towards one

of the islands within the clouds,

I said:

“I wish…”


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