The Element of You – A Poem

smallYou are like the air,

carrying with it

the scent of star anise,

always raising me up

so that I can learn to fly.

You are like the earth,

revealing a path forward

when I lose my way,

helping me to find a different way

to where I always wanted to go.

You are like water,

a deep brook running over rocks,

deep and full of life,

its surface like a mirror,

which holds a depth of soul

that knows no bounds.

You are like sweet fire

that burns beyond your body,

and fills you with a courage

that knows no limit.

It chases away the shadows

so that we can truly see you.

There is a fierceness within you,

a courage that knows no bounds

and I am in awe of you.

Surrounding all of this is your spirit.

It shines brighter than the fire

that you carry within you,

then the air that surrounds you

or the grass that sprouts from the ground

with every step you take.

It is more potent than the water

that runs through it all.

It shines bright above all of this,

a gorgeous star that sparkles brightly.

This is your spirit

and we can see it mot clearly

in your eyes or hear it in your voice

when you laugh.

You inspire others to be better people

and our lives are better

for knowing



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