Five Years to Forever – A Poem

Five years ago,Rainbow sun

I had no way of knowing

that my life was

about to change.

There were no rainbows

around the sun,

no miraculous sightings of

wonderful and mysterious things,

no whisperings of magic.

There was nothing

to indicate how amazing

the day was about to become.

When I walked into the coffee shop,

I had no idea

that my life was about to change,

there was no flute music or the song of birds

and there was no soft sepia glow

cast over everything.

However, there was you.

I was enraptured by your smile,

by the sound of your voice

that reached into me.

I heard it not only around me

but your voice spoke to my heart

so that I heard your words within me.

I was intrigued by the warmth in your eyes

as they changed from grey to blue to green.

You had me entranced.

Though I am a writer of romance,

I did not believe in love at first sight

until I met you.

I thought for sure that

there must be some mistake,

that there was no way

I could love you so quickly,

but with each passing hour,

and each day that progressed,

the love I have for you

has only grown.

It is as if every moment,

every second, minute, hour and day,

had been preparing me

for when I met you.

I know that we are only

five years into our journey,

that this is a mere drop

in the bucket of time,

but I can’t wait to spend my life with you

as we make our way towards



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