Nothing Without Us – An Anthology

54521649_10155779768371529_7661270492606627840_o.jpgI’m thrilled to announce that one of my stories will be appearing in the anthology Nothing Without Us.

I’m so honoured to have a story chosen for the anthology. It really is the first of its kind featuring stories about people with disabilities, written by people with disabilities and produced by people with disabilities. Within this book, characters with disabilities are the main character and deal with life head on. It’s a multi-genre, own-voice anthology of fiction stories with protagonists who are disabled, deaf, neurodiverse, Spoonie, and/or who manage mental illness.

It features stories by the following authors:NWU-Front-Cover.jpg

From the Editors


The Bellwoods Golem, by Aus Bahadur

Knit One, Purl Two, Carolyn Charron

Names, by Jennifer Lee Rossman

Mafia Butterfly, by Raymond Luczak

Dress Rehearsal, by Nicole Zelniker

The Descent, by Jamieson Wolf

Bug Hunt, by Joanna Marsh

Oliver Gutierrez and the Walking Stick of Destiny, by Elliot Dunstant

Crutch. Cage, Sword, Kerfuffle, by Dorothy Palmer

Iron Bone, by J. Ivanel Johnson

Sometimes You…, by Tonya Libard

Search and Seizure, by Shannon Barnsley

Backbone, by Madona Skaff

The Case of the Silenco Scientist, by Maverick Smith

Flight, by George Zancola

Panic in Paradise, by Diana Koerner

The Blessing Cookies, by Laurie Stewart

Jungle Demon, by Tom Johnson

The Living Among the Dead, by Tasha Fierce

Alone, by Nathan Frechette

No Room at the Inn, by Emily Gillespie

Charity™, by Derek Newman-Stille


But here’s the thing. It needs your help. There is a Kickstarter campaign! You can learn more about the Kickstarter campaign here:

We’re about half way there but could use your help with getting to the finish line! This really is the first anthology of its kind and it would be an honour to see it out there in the world!

You can also learn more at the Nothing Without Us Facebook group!

Or at Renaissance Press:


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