Celebrate You – A Poem

Magic desireThis poem is for my Husband Michael for his Birthday. Love you, Babe. xoxoxo


You fill me with joy.

You are a bright light

that reaches into the darkest parts of me

and chases away the shadows.

You are filled with stardust.

When you laugh,

I can see that magic come to life

in everyone around you.

You magic made real.

Every dream I have ever had

has led me to you and the life

that we have together.

You are everything good.

Your very touch fills me

with a warmth that spreads

to the heart of me.

As we celebrate your day,

I want you to remember

that you are a bright light

in the lives of so many people.

As we commemorate another step forward,

I want you to know that you

are magic made real and

dreams given flesh.

My life has led me to you

and I am so excited

for the year ahead

and the discoveries we will make.

Think of this next year

not as another year older;

think of it as another year

where we get to explore

the lives we celebrate together.

If magic is desire made real,

then you are the candle

to my flame.

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