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The Lady Made of Light – A Poem

*For Rachael, with thanks for the joy you bring and the lessons you taught me. Happy Birthday! I’m wandering through the forest. I can hear the whisper of the trees and the moon is shining down upon me. Following it, I find myself at… Continue Reading “The Lady Made of Light – A Poem”

You Are Light – A Poem

* For my Wonder Mom In Law on her Birthday. ❤ You are a bright candle. Your light fills up the room and brightens the lives of those that surround you. Your light chases away the shadows and illuminates the night. The light that… Continue Reading “You Are Light – A Poem”

Celebrate You – A Poem

This poem is for my Husband Michael for his Birthday. Love you, Babe. xoxoxo   You fill me with joy. You are a bright light that reaches into the darkest parts of me and chases away the shadows. You are filled with stardust. When… Continue Reading “Celebrate You – A Poem”

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