Lessons From Wonder Mom – A Poem

You taught me to be curious,474568_1

to look at the world around me

and to take in all of its magic.

You taught me to be wise,

to weigh my words before I spoke them

and to use them like my sword.

You taught my to be brave,

to work at conquering the world within me

so that I could take on the world outside.

You taught me to laugh,

to not take life so seriously so that

my laughter filled the air like music.

You taught me to read,

giving me access to a portable kind of magic

and many worlds within which to live.

You taught me to wonder,

to always question everything

until I understood it completely.

You taught me the value of magic,

that even something as simple as a hug

could raise up the spirits of another.

You taught me to love unconditionally,

even though this was the hardest lesson to learn.

Without it, I would not have so much love in my life.

I am who I am today

because of what you taught me.

I can only hope that I’ve done you proud

and that I’ve filled your life with as much wonder

as you’ve filled mine.

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