We Have Found the Stars – A Poem

Our love is like the stars,stars

brighter than the dark

and impossible to count or contain.

Scattered across the nights sky,

our love tells a journey

and we can follow it across

the gorgeous canvas that is the sky.

That bright star to the right,

the one that is tinted with gold,

that is when we first met

and saw our light reflected

in someone else.

That star, above that one?

The one that burns like a pink diamond?

That is when you told me you loved me

and I told you the same in return.

Not too far away from that star,

another burns with a soft green light.

That is when our separate homes

became one and we began a new part

of our journey across the sky.

We have decorated purple velvet-ness of the sky

with thousands of stars,

each one of them a memory or an emotion.

There is one star the burns brighter

than all the rest put together.

It is the star that sits in the centre of the sky,

with all the other stars and constellations

dancing around it, moving with subtle grace and beauty.

It shines with not just one colour,

but every colour imaginable.

It is the star when we both

gave our hearts to each other,

when we created magic together by saying I do,

and started a new part of our journey.

That star was waiting for so long,

floating patiently in the sky and hoping,

waiting, longing, yearning

to be lit from within.

We have found the stars together

and that is only found once in a lifetime.

How lucky I am to have found the stars with you.

I can’t wait to see what other stars

we will create

as we dance




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