The Galaxy Within – A Poem

I wish that I had the power

to control time,

however I don’t think I could handle

the responsibility.

Waiting is difficult,

every day feeling incredibly long

and impossibly short.

Time has lost all meaning,

it is no longer relative

especially during these times.

The last time that I waited

for news that felt as if

it would never come

was when I was diagnosed

with multiple sclerosis

and here I am again,

waiting for news about what may

or may not be waiting inside of me

if new stars have taken shape

inside of my head.

If I close my eyes,

I can see the galaxy that is within me

the numerous starsand planets that fill my brain.

I’d like to think that they are where

some of my light comes from,

shining so brightly that my skin

can’t contain all of it.

I feel like my body has begun

to fail me and I am filled with pain.

I know this is because of the comets

and the suns that fill my body,

the solar systems and supernovas,

that makes themselves known.

My body contains galaxies unknown to me.

I can’t help but feel a little fear within me,

unsure of my body as I am now and yet

thoughts of what I have done appear before me,

their visions riding across the moon and lit

by the stars. I can see the mountains

that I have climbed, the forests I’ve survived,

the galaxies that I have overcome before.

Whatever the news brings,

I will be ready and I will do the only thing I can do.

I will sparkle on.

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