Coming Soon! Hope Falls!

I have a “new” book coming out very soon!

My Hope Falls Series has been sitting on my hard drive since 2011 and I’ve always wanted to put all four books out there in one summer. What’s better summer reading than a good soap opera filled with mystery, romance and murder?

The series consists of four books: Hope Falls, Eagle Valley, Dragons Cove and Wolf Lake. This summer, I wanted to have some fun, so I’m re-releasing all of them with brand new covers, one book per month. Coming soon, Hope Falls, where it all begins!

Here’s a bit about the book:

For thirty years, Miriam Parker has played Sylvia Stevens on the popular soap opera Hope Falls. However, now her days are numbered.

Miriam knows that her ratings have begun to drop. Her character isn’t as popular lately, thanks in large part to her storyline. Miriam knows what happens when her ratings fall too low. She is written off the show in the most permanent of ways. After signing a lifetime contract with the show’s producer, Miriam knows that they own her and will take her life if the ratings fall too deep.

Knowing that she can’t do it alone, Miriam enlists the help of Naomi and Susan, both fellow actors on other soap operas. While Miriam is grateful for their help, when danger strikes, she knows that all of their lives are in danger. Miriam will have to learn what secrets Hope Falls studios hides so that all three of them can escape with their lives.

Hope floats and then Hope Falls. Don’t forget to tune in…

Stay tuned for when you can get your copy!

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