The Hum of Light – A Poem

There is a light in the forest.

I’m called there in my dreams

and I can see the light

glowing like a star

within the trees.

I try to follow it,

but it avoids me,

zipping deeper and deeper

into the trees

that have taken so much from me.

I follow after it and the light

dances away from me.

I am almost upon it

when I slip around a tree

and see a cave I never noticed before.

 I step into the cave with caution,

knowing what these trees took from me.

Will the cave be more of the same?

My blood already runs from the leaves,

I don’t want to sacrifice myself to stone.

As I step into the cave,

the light disappears,

its job done.

I take a cautions step and more light

begins to shine from within,

welcoming me forwards.

I take another step

and I find myself within a garden

that I have never seen before.

There are flowers here

of ever kind, and some that

I have never seen before.

There is a light coming

from the flowers and they fill the cave,

going beyond what my eye can see

or comprehend. There is a path here,

and I walk upon it, listening

to the hum of the light.

I marvel that the dark forest

could contain so much beauty

within it. Such a thing

does not seem possible,

and yet here I am,

looking at a forest of flowers

and different plants,

each of them blooming from a seed

that was planted during

my darkest time. I know that

as I approach the changes that are coming

on the wind, faster than time can move,

that I will find myself within the forest again.

As much as I try to stay away,

it calls me back in, whispering to me

from within the darkness.

Only, this time it will be different.

I will follow the light

that waits for me at the edge of the forest

and follow it to this cave

until I know the path by heart.

I will walk along the path,

looking at the beauty I have grown

when I was at my lowest.

Looking at the flowers and the plants

within the cave, I wonder

what I will plant now?

I find myself at the centre

of the path and I find a small shoot

growing at the centre of the cave.

It’s a small tree that has been able

to grow up through the soil, it’s branches

shine softly. I sit down gently

on the floor of the cave.

Looking at the tree,

I wonder what fruit it will grow

and how I will grow along

with it.

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