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Within the Dark – A Poem

I am finding myself again. There are pieces of me, hidden within the dark caverns, lost among the trees or   in the cold depths of water. They blink like jewels that have been hidden in the dark. I clutch each jewel to my… Continue Reading “Within the Dark – A Poem”

The Hum of Light – A Poem

There is a light in the forest. I’m called there in my dreams and I can see the light glowing like a star within the trees. I try to follow it, but it avoids me, zipping deeper and deeper into the trees that have… Continue Reading “The Hum of Light – A Poem”

Shatter the Dark – A Poem

We are alone behind our eyes. Solitary inside ourselves, the darkness is total until we breathe life into thought and dreams, until we shape letters into syllables and syllables into so many words. We shatter the darkness that we find inside of ourselves until… Continue Reading “Shatter the Dark – A Poem”

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