Within the Dark – A Poem

I am finding myself again.

There are pieces of me,

hidden within the dark caverns,

lost among the trees or  

in the cold depths of water.

They blink like jewels that have been

hidden in the dark.

I clutch each jewel to my chest

and feel a moment of joy

as each piece of me is welcomed

back into my body.

Though they carry remnants

of the shadows,

this only helps me see in the dark

so that I can find my way out again.

Each piece of me that I find

is part of the puzzle

that makes me whole.

There are more shards to find,

more pieces of the chalice

to locate until the cup is complete

once more, but I have time now

and a way to see

within the dark.

4 Comments on “Within the Dark – A Poem

  1. “Though they carry remnants of the shadows” you’ve used such beautiful imagery and I really connected with this piece!

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