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Covid Fears – A Poem

It is the unknown I’m afraid of. The force of it wipes all rational thought from within me and I am left with the tangles of what remains, mere ribbons that flit and flap in the wind where rational thought used to reside. It… Continue Reading “Covid Fears – A Poem”

Claiming my Shadow Self – On Writing Disabled

Years ago, a friend of mine asked me if I would ever write a novel with a character who had Multiple sclerosis. I gave him a definitive no. When he asked me why not and pointed out that people would want to read a… Continue Reading “Claiming my Shadow Self – On Writing Disabled”

Covidly – A Poem

Each of us is like Rapunzel in her tower. We look down at the world around us and we wonder what brought us to this. Though we let our hair down, in hopes that someone will grab hold, no one does and we are… Continue Reading “Covidly – A Poem”

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