I am the Storm – A Poem

My body contains the storm.

The rivers rage against the

rocky barrier of my skin.

Even as I try to remain upright,

water wants to push me down

to the ground so that

it can resume its rightful path.

The waters pull my body

every which way,

making my limbs

feel heavy and misshapen.

I try to walk and I can hear

the waves making the storm

I carry within me grow louder,

until all I can hear is the roar.

Eventually, all I can do

is given in to the pull of the waters,

the almost seductive lull.

By then, they have pulled me under

and I do everything I can

to escape their pull.

When I am lying down in the rapids,

I can look up and see the sun

and it’s the sun that lets me know

that I can swim.

I use its light to guide me

and soon, I am able

to see the rocks in front of me,

offering salvation from the water.

Sitting upon them,

I can still hear the waters

that move and sing inside of me.

I know that I will dance again,

that there is no way

I can let go of the water.

For now,

I listen to the waves

and I can feel the brightness

of the sun.

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