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The Sky Within My Heart – A Poem

I’m standing in a line, the people in front winding away from me into the shadows like a serpent, their features unseen though the mist that fills the air. A man approaches me, his features distinct with large blue eyes, curling brown hair falling… Continue Reading “The Sky Within My Heart – A Poem”

Within the Storm – A Poem

The sky is a green so deep that it reminds me of the ocean when a storm hits. I wonder if the sky will swallow us and what will be left after. When I look at his face, I see the same emotions that… Continue Reading “Within the Storm – A Poem”

I am the Storm – A Poem

My body contains the storm. The rivers rage against the rocky barrier of my skin. Even as I try to remain upright, water wants to push me down to the ground so that it can resume its rightful path. The waters pull my body… Continue Reading “I am the Storm – A Poem”

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