I am at Sea – A Poem

I am adrift on the water

and I try to find me

inside my body,

but I’m no longer certain

that the barriers it held

have stayed in place.

My mind is at sea

in the landscape of myself and

I don’t know how

to call it home.

My spirit is eternal.

It ventures forth,

even when my physical and mental

parts of me

are unsure of themselves.

It shines like a beacon

amidst the dark

so that I can find who I am.

I have ventured deep

into the mountains of my mind and

I have found that piece,

that small speck no bigger

than a grain of sand,

that holds the purest form of me.

I have brought it home

to the shell of me so that it can shine.

I hold it in the palm of my hands,

no bigger than a hope or a prayer.

Looking at its brilliance,

I try to breathe that shine in

so that I can see through

the dark of the water

held within.

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