In the River – A Poem

*For Wonder Mom

When you carried me,

I learned from you

as I swam upon

the river within you.

When you sang,

I learned to use my voice for joy

so that I too could sing

and find my own voice.

When you cried,

I learned how to comfort others

without having to say a word,

much as I comforted you then.

When you spoke to me,

I learned the gift of language,

hoping for the day

that I could tell you I loved you.

When you held me,

wrapped your arms around your stomach

to keep me safe as I floated on the river,

I learned that love could be

as beautiful as a hug

or as simple words whispered

in the comfort of night.

Everything great that I am today

I have learned from you.

You’ve given me my gift of courage,

the bravery that runs through me

runs also through you.

I am a warrior because

you’ve shown me how to be one.

My gift with words is from you.

I’ve knitted together whole worlds with them,

first to lose myself and then to find myself

so that I could bring myself home.

Words are magic that runs through us both.

I learned how to love from you,

to choose kindness whenever necessary,

because it was what you showed me

when I couldn’t defend myself.

I learned from my time in the river,

from words you didn’t speak out loud

but that I could hear on the waves

that surrounded me.

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