The Weight of Water – A Poem

I’ve been trying to make sense

of a world that no longer speaks

a language that I understand.

All around me,

there seems to be nothing

but chaos and havoc,

mayhem and unsettled hearts.

Even as I look at the world

and try to understand

what it is that I am seeing,

it changes again and becomes

even more full of hate

than it was before.

It’s as if I am looking at everything

through a looking glass.

I can see my reality shift and move,

never staying still.

What is happening in the world right now

is abuse. There is no other word for it.

I have chosen to believe

we will heal ourselves after this,

that we will come through the waterfall

into a world that is recognizable

and washed anew from the water.

I dream of freedom, yes,

but not the kind that they want.

I long for the day when I will crawl

out from under the weight,

standing despite the emotions

that want to pull me under the surface,

but I wonder what I will have to let go of

in order to do so.

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