Coming Soon! Covidly Speaking – Poems


Coming soon, my new collection of poems! It’s titled Covidly Speaking. Here’s a bit about the book:

The poems written in this collection were written during the first two years of the covid pandemic.

They contain a range of emotions including confusion, anger, pain and upset, yet they also contain light, love, hope and laughter. Life during the covid pandemic has been about finding balance, despite the imbalance of the world.

Go on a journey and discover how hope and love can conquer even the darkest of times. Sometimes, even when we’re alone, we’re stronger together.

I’m so excited for this release. It will be the first collection of new poems in two years. The poems contained in Covidly Speaking brought me solace and joy when there has been so much darkness in the world. It’s my hope that the poems do the same for you.

This will be a staggered release. I’m releasing it in ebook first and then in paperback format. Stay tuned for news about when the book is available!

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