The World That I Carry Within – A Poem

There are worlds

we have discovered together,

travelling to distant lands

full of unknown terrains,

our hands joined

and our hearts as one.

There are also worlds contained

within me now that are brighter

than they were before,

all because of the love

that you have given me.

I wanted to give you some way

in which I could show you

how your love has changed me

and how it has formed new roads,

new pathways within my body.

Standing before you,

I’ve opened myself up like a book,

pulled back the covers of my skin

so that you can see the pages

that I’ve been able to write upon.

You can see where the dark forest,

which took up so much of me before,

has made more room for areas

that are bright with new growth and hope.

My light from within is shining

down upon the water and grass

that has taken root there.

If you look beyond the mountains,

you can see the worlds

that come from my imagination,

full of stardust and magic,

waiting to be discovered.

Just as you’ve changed the world around me,

you have also shaped the world

that I carry within.

Every time you tell me that you love me,

my internal world grows a little bigger

and the worlds

that we can discover together

become endless.

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