Covidly Speaking – AVAILABLE NOW!

My new book of poems is available now!

Here’s a bit about the book:

The poems written in this collection were written during the first two years of the covid pandemic.

They contain a range of emotions including confusion, anger, pain and upset, yet they also contain light, love, hope and laughter. Life during the covid pandemic has been about finding balance, despite the imbalance of the world.

Go on a journey and discover how hope and love can conquer even the darkest of times. Sometimes, even when we’re alone, we’re stronger together.

During the pandemic, and especially during the lockdowns, my words gave me somewhere to go. I wrote three novels and two novellas’ during the pandemic so far and I also wrote short stories and flash fiction and poems. My words gave me solace when it seemed bleak and it’s my hope that Covidly Speaking will provide you with solace and comfort.

I love poetry for its simplicity. It’s a deep dive into whatever I’m feeling at the moment. Writing a poem is like writing a memoir. It’s me on the page without the benefit of a fiction smokescreen. I love that I can work through issues I may be having and during the pandemic, I’ve had a lot of issues. Thankfully, I’ve also had a lot of people that have looked out for me.

These poems were a way for me to find solace during the tumultuous waves of emotions that the pandemic brought to all of us. They were a way for me to make sense of a world that no longer seemed possible.

Covidly Speaking is available in eBook from Amazon. This will be a staggered release. It will be available in paperback and other eBook formats coming soon.

You can get Covidly Speaking in ebook from Amazon HERE. You can also get it from Kobo HERE.

I hope this Covidly Speaking brings you solace and fills your world with a bit more light than it had before.

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