The Flutter of Leaves and Birds’ Wings – A Poem

It happened so casually this time.

Whenever I walked,

the shadows would follow me.

There are more of them in the sunlight.

I could hear the flutter of birds wings

though there were no birds around me.

When I got home, I was startled to find

that the carpet had been replaced

by a fine layer of grass.

I took a moment to look at the walls

and knew what I would see.

Sunlight filtered through my windows

and cast shadows on my walls.

I could see the trees moving in a breeze

that only I could feel.

I stood looking at the entrance into the forest,

the sway of the trunks and the flutter of leaves,

birdsong filling my mind as a strong breeze blew.

I knew how easy it would be lose myself,

to let the sadness take me,

especially when I had not recognized

the flutter of leaves and birds’ wings

that was within me.

I looked deeper into the entrance of the forest,

tree branches welcoming me,

wanting to wrap me in an embrace

that would not let go.

I had been here before

and I would be here again,

each time I had to look away,

to turn my back on the trees,

the lies that the forest told,

ones of salvation and understanding.

I had to turn away

each and every time.

I had to be stronger than the forest,

the solace it promised.

Looking at my body,

I knew that it had already taken so much

blood from me. I would not give it more.

Letting out a breath

that I had not been aware that I was holding,

I turned my back on the trees of the forest

and the song of false promises

that flew on the back of wings that

were made of shadows.

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