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Stepping Stones – A Poem

For a time, I was broken, unable to find the pieces of myself that I had lost along the way. It felt like my body was crumbling into itself, unable to find stability in a world that it no longer knew. Over time, the… Continue Reading “Stepping Stones – A Poem”

The Power of Words – A Poem

When I open my eyes, I am in the dark forest again. The trees around me sigh as if they are content to have me returned to them. I wander among the trees that I know so well but it is as if I… Continue Reading “The Power of Words – A Poem”

The Forest Again – A Poem

The leaves have been whispering again. They have led me to the edge of the trees and I try to look in, to see past the dark foliage but I cannot. I look at my hands, at the scars that still remain from the… Continue Reading “The Forest Again – A Poem”

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