The Light and the Drum – A Poem

This year has left me changed.

I feel like I’ve lost my way

and I’m no longer sure of my direction.

The shadows have tried to claim me,

yet I have found moments that shine

despite the dark or even because of it.

The days have shortened, the sun

shining for mere moments,

until it lets itself be taken by the dark,

sliding into the sky as if in an embrace.

The night is made of velvet

covered in stars, small galaxies

holding the wishes that I have made.

Though this year has seemed bleak,

I know that the tide is about to shift,

the star filled sea promising change.

There is hope to be found tonight.

A brightness growing within,

one that begs me to celebrate

all that I have overcome.

I can hear a drum beating under my skin,

one that urges me onward within the dark.

When I follow the beat of the drum,

I am not afraid. I know that I am becoming.

In the darkness of Yule,

we will light our own candles

so that when the light returns,

it will know where to find us.

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