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The Fifth Stage – A Poem

I was in denial for weeks. I kept trying to pretend everything was okay, that I was all right but I was lying to myself and to those around me who could see through my façade because they knew me so well. Never very… Continue Reading “The Fifth Stage – A Poem”

Ghost Walk – A Short Story

His first thought was: He smells burnt. His second was: I wonder if I smell like that? * The day had started out like any other. He woke, showered, dressed and had something quick to eat for breakfast. Then he went out into the… Continue Reading “Ghost Walk – A Short Story”

The Bright Star of Change – A Poem

With great change comes uncertainty, that moment where we feel as if we are balancing on the edge of a precipice. We have but two choices: to stay where we are or to move forward, to leap off of that edge and let the… Continue Reading “The Bright Star of Change – A Poem”

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