The Little Book of Wise (and Powerful) Thoughts by Matthew Stapley – A Book Review

I met Matthew Stapley over ten years ago at an event that included all kinds of clairvoyants, psychics and card readers. I was there with my tarot cards, trying to help people gain clarity over their lives. When I met Matthew, I immediately knew that I was meeting a kindred spirit and a truly gifted psychic. He exuded calmness, wisdom and had a knowledge of the workings of the human heart that left me filled with wonder.

Since meeting him all those years ago, he has become a friend full of wisdom and sageness. Every time I come across one of his posts online, they fill me with the calmness that he exudes, and I have epiphanies about myself and the life I am trying to live. He comes from a place of caring and honesty and there is so much truth to his words.

When I heard that he was publishing a book, I immediately got myself a copy. The Little Book of Wise (and Powerful) Thoughts is exactly that. Each page holds one thought, one moment, that asks you to stop and reflect on what those words mean to you. It really is a book of teachings and though they are brief, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t powerful.

I meant to read the book one page at a time, but I just kept reading. With each page, I found myself nodding and having moments of reflection within myself. It was like each page was a pebble that was dropped into the well within me. Each pebble caused ripples that are even now still radiating outward.

The advice in this book may seem simple, but they pack a wallop.  A prime example of one of those thoughts is on page 67. It’s one I keep returning to: Knowledge isn’t really power. Wisdom is power. Wisdom is knowledge tempered by experience. Knowledge is power is one of the phrases I use in my day-to-day life, my thirst for knowledge and learning is never ending. I can’t describe what it was like reading that page for the first time was like. I just closed the book and sat with my thoughts, my whole mind filled with new paths and new ways of thinking.

The Little Book of Wise (and Powerful) Thoughts isn’t merely a daybook or something you can dip into when spirit calls. It’s a book that hands you little pebbles of light and you get to watch as the wisdom that you’ve absorbed from this powerful little book changes your life an makes you rethink the world around you and your place in it.

Do yourself a favour and get a copy of this book. It’s filled with light, love, wisdom and joy and its just waiting for you to open the cover and dive right in.

Get a copy HERE.

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