Beautiful Gift – A Poem

I wanted to get you

the most amazing gift,

something that would let you know

how much I love you,

an object that could hold

everything that you’ve ever wanted.

You are beautiful to me.

When I look into your eyes,

I see can see the waves

within your gaze

that first held my attention

and holds it still.

I look down towards our hands,

clasped together in support

of one another and the rings

that symbolize our bond

shine brightly as if

they hold a wish come true.

When I look at you again,

I can hear our hearts,

beating in tandem together.

You are the greatest gift

that my life has

ever given me.

As our heartbeats keep time,

I give you my heart

all over again,

knowing that our love

holds a world that we

will discover together.

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