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Water, Wind and Fire – A Poem

There is an ocean inside of me; It fills every orifice, every wrinkle in my skin, each fingertip. Most days, the ocean within me is a calm, serene sheet of blue, as smooth as glass. When I look deep inside, I can see myself… Continue Reading “Water, Wind and Fire – A Poem”

Your Glorious Magic – A Poem

Though I struggle with a lot, loving you is the easiest thing to do. I don’t have to even think about it, my love for you is a constant vibration that shines through me like the sun. Though I may have difficulties that often… Continue Reading “Your Glorious Magic – A Poem”

Heart Music – A Poem

I was coming into the lobby of my building when one of my neighbours stopped me. “How are you?” She asked with genuine warmth. The smile on her face was like the sun on a dark and dreary day. “I’m doing fabulously.” I said.… Continue Reading “Heart Music – A Poem”

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