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A Gorgeous Balance – A Poem

The forest has changed over time. It’s been years since I have been so deep into the trees and though the leaves still whisper in the same way that they always did. They are not tar black like they were before, but dark green.… Continue Reading “A Gorgeous Balance – A Poem”

The Silent Symphony – A Poem

My body is a symphony of silence. It makes it own music, though I can’t hear it. I can only feel the silence as it makes its way through me. The fatigue that takes my energy? Those are the wind instruments. that fly through… Continue Reading “The Silent Symphony – A Poem”

The Bright Star of Change – A Poem

With great change comes uncertainty, that moment where we feel as if we are balancing on the edge of a precipice. We have but two choices: to stay where we are or to move forward, to leap off of that edge and let the… Continue Reading “The Bright Star of Change – A Poem”

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