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Is That What Bravery Is? – A Poem

Someone called me brave today. I said thank you and turned to silence, unsure of why that word upset me. There is nothing brave about chemo, about this journey that I am on. Is it brave to walk within a fog that was once… Continue Reading “Is That What Bravery Is? – A Poem”

Times Mirror – A Poem

I have had a hard time loving myself. The mirror only shows me what I don’t want to look at but I’ve realized over time that I’m hearing the thoughts of other people. A previous boyfriend: “You’d be more attractive if you lost twenty… Continue Reading “Times Mirror – A Poem”

The Butterfly Mirror – A Short Story

All around him there was the sound of flutes. The music made him think of the movement of butterflies caught in the wind. A woman came towards him, seeming to float rather than walk. She had light brown hair that framed her face in… Continue Reading “The Butterfly Mirror – A Short Story”

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