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Queen of Swords – Thoth and the Art of Balance

There was a period of time that I stayed away from Tarot. I had gotten tired of it; I guess when you’re young, that happens with anything. I got tired of looking up meanings in a little white book and trying to decipher what… Continue Reading “Queen of Swords – Thoth and the Art of Balance”

Beyond the Stone – AVAILABLE NOW!

I’m so excited! My new novel Beyond the Stone is out now from Renaissance Press! I’m so thrilled for all of you to be able to read this book! I wanted to write something different and when I sat down to write Beyond the… Continue Reading “Beyond the Stone – AVAILABLE NOW!”

On Completing a Novel During a Pandemic

I finished a novel that I had been working on for almost a year. It almost didn’t get finished. The Queen of Swords is a dystopian novel that takes place on an earth that has been forever changed. When our heroine finds herself trapped… Continue Reading “On Completing a Novel During a Pandemic”

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