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Path of Stars, Sea of Magic – A Poem

I look back at the path that we have taken. I can see each dip and turn, every steep dive when there was a crisis that we had to overcome. At no point has our path split into two. We have always taken each… Continue Reading “Path of Stars, Sea of Magic – A Poem”

Beyond the Stone – AVAILABLE NOW!

I’m so excited! My new novel Beyond the Stone is out now from Renaissance Press! I’m so thrilled for all of you to be able to read this book! I wanted to write something different and when I sat down to write Beyond the… Continue Reading “Beyond the Stone – AVAILABLE NOW!”

Believe in the Dragonfly – A Poem

Though I was walking in the sun, my thoughts were drawn to the other day. I had seen the man who used to be my husband. It was odd, looking at him. Here was someone that I had loved, but now felt nothing for… Continue Reading “Believe in the Dragonfly – A Poem”

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