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The Mountain and the Flow – A Poem

I’ve been here before. The mountain looms in front of me and I can see the jagged rocks, the outcropping of edges and crevices, rockfaces that hold challenges that I have yet to face. I stand before the mountain, awed by its size, fearful… Continue Reading “The Mountain and the Flow – A Poem”

Whirlwind – A Poem

There is a                                 Whirlwind inside of me. It often Storms and Rages within. When I’m unable to let it out, I find that it erupts, filling the air with white ash when I open my mouth, my words burned to nothing when… Continue Reading “Whirlwind – A Poem”

Just One Moment – A Poem

“It’s just one moment becoming another.” I clutch these words to my chest, in hopes that they will take away the sadness. It has been my constant companion, not a friend but not an enemy either, over the past few months. It resides in… Continue Reading “Just One Moment – A Poem”

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