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Just One Moment – A Poem

“It’s just one moment becoming another.” I clutch these words to my chest, in hopes that they will take away the sadness. It has been my constant companion, not a friend but not an enemy either, over the past few months. It resides in… Continue Reading “Just One Moment – A Poem”

Gasoline Rainbow – A Poem

Sadness is difficult. It creeps up on me so that by the time I find it living within me, it is a surprise to find it there. I glare at it, trying to give it the look, but it is impervious. I yell at… Continue Reading “Gasoline Rainbow – A Poem”

The Bright Light of Joy – A Poem

When she looked at me, all I saw were eyes that were filled with pity. The tears fell from her eyes and slid along her cheeks, looking like jewels made from her sadness. She passed the jewels to me, putting her tears into my… Continue Reading “The Bright Light of Joy – A Poem”

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