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i know, but… – a poem

i feel this endless need to say that I’m sorry. i know it’s not my fault, that the storm that rages within my skin is not of my doing, but i want to make everything better, want to somehow take away the pain that… Continue Reading “i know, but… – a poem”

The Mountain and the Flow – A Poem

I’ve been here before. The mountain looms in front of me and I can see the jagged rocks, the outcropping of edges and crevices, rockfaces that hold challenges that I have yet to face. I stand before the mountain, awed by its size, fearful… Continue Reading “The Mountain and the Flow – A Poem”

Then, Also, After, Now – A Poem

Then, I was lost within myself, surrounded by the dark, trees and forest pressing in against me as I looked for a way out, a way through the veil of constant sadness and fear that I carried within me. When the doctor gave the… Continue Reading “Then, Also, After, Now – A Poem”

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