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To Conjure Fire – A Poem

I’ve realized that you are still inside of my head, taking up residence, claiming space within my mind when you have no business being there in the first place. I’ve tried to think of why I’ve held so tightly to you and the sound… Continue Reading “To Conjure Fire – A Poem”

Voices I Let Go – A Poem

It is my fathers voice I hear first as it’s the one I have known the longest: “Why are you so fucking stupid? Can’t you do anything right?” The sound of the voice has changed over time, taking on the tones of my ex-husband… Continue Reading “Voices I Let Go – A Poem”

a voice of my own – a poem

for ten years, i’ve held onto the emotions that you fed me throughout our time together. you filled me with so much hate for myself that repulsion and disgust became constant bedfellows. i let go of that today, before the new year begins. i… Continue Reading “a voice of my own – a poem”

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