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Re-Building Home – A Poem

I never really knew what home was until I met you. Growing up, there were temporary shelters from the shadows, places to lay my head down, rooms to sleep in, but even they had ghosts from my past that I carried with me. Now,… Continue Reading “Re-Building Home – A Poem”

A Forever Home – A Poem

We were nearing the end of the Forever Forest. Sunlight was starting to pour through the tree tops and it left diamond shaped shadows on the ground all around us. My hand was still clasped firmly in yours, it’s warmth bringing me comfort. I… Continue Reading “A Forever Home – A Poem”

An Ode to a Home – A Poem

When I moved here, it was really an awakening. I stepped out of the darkness of the basement apartment, with small windows and a view of the alleyway. It was small enough that I could stand in my living room and, with arms outstretched,… Continue Reading “An Ode to a Home – A Poem”

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