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Blossoms and Bones by Kim Krans – A Book Review

In Blossoms and Bones, Kim Krans takes you on a journey. It begins simply enough. Krans has taken refuge from herself in an ashram for thirty days. During those thirty days, she has the urge to “draw the feeling”. Every day for thirty days,… Continue Reading “Blossoms and Bones by Kim Krans – A Book Review”

Dear 2018

You have been an absolute blessing. Every year, I wonder how the new year will make me better, how I will learn and grow and prosper. I promised myself, way back in 2014, that I would live more and I continue to stay true… Continue Reading “Dear 2018”

The Daughter of Wands – A Poem

When I first met you, I was struck by the light that emanated from you. As I came to know you better, I admired your free spirit, your willingness to love, and your thirst to live. You have been a constant source of inspiration… Continue Reading “The Daughter of Wands – A Poem”

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