Your Glorious Magic – A Poem


Though I struggle with a lot,

loving you is the easiest thing to do.

I don’t have to even think about it,

my love for you is a constant vibration

that shines through me like the sun.

Though I may have difficulties

that often set me back,

loving you moves me forward.

Before you, my path was filled with shadows.

Now, it is filled with sunshine and,

though we can’t see the end,

I am not afraid when I am with you.

There are times when I feel

that I can’t do it,

that it’s not possible,

that it won’t work.

You have only to hold out your hand

and utter the words “You’ve got this.”

to help me believe that anything is possible.

Though life passes us by,

moving quickly so that

one second

one hour

and one day tend to blend together,

there is one thing in my life

that has remained timeless:

You, glorious you.

Loving you is the easiest thing to do

and you are proof

that magic is real.

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