Brighter Than The Sun – A Poem

Our love growstree and sun

like a tree.

It bloomed from

a seed that

was planted the

moment I first

saw you. The

tree grew, watered

by that love,

helped it thrive.

Every time you

told me that

you loved me,

a branch grew.

Each time you

kissed me, a

leaf, full of

colour, grew along

the branches. You

are the man

that I wished

for so long

ago, that I

dreamed of and

hoped for. Until

you, all I

have known is

unkindness and conflict

and the trees

that have grown

have been stunted

and dark. When

I think of

you, it is

as if the

sun comes out

to greet me,

filling my mind,

spirit and body

with light that

is so pure,

so warm, that

the cold can

no longer find

me. Now, when

I look up

at the branches

of the tree

that we have

grown, I see

a sea of

leaves in a

a riot of

colours. I see

the nests that

have been built

within the branches,

the birds that

have made their

home amongst the

leaves. The tree

is in the

centre of my

mind and it

hasn’t reached its

full height. The

tree is but

a sapling in

terms of time.

We have a

timeless love, years

passing by in

what feels like

days. I can’t

wait to watch

the tree grow,

as it stretches

itself through air,

earth, fire and

water, through the

very fabric of

time. With each

new leaf that

grows, know that

my love for

you grows every

day until it

is brighter than

the sun.

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